Friday, 3 September 2010

The Discordian Trio Discography

The Discordian Trio Presents The Discordian Trio (2009)

1) Fourth Mansions
2) Be Seeing You
3) Warwick Davis
4) Sir Loin
5) The Tombs
6) Double Agent: Lindsay's Creek
7) Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
8) Life Is A Near Death Experience

CD - £10 (incl P&P)

The Discordian Trio (EP) (2008)
1) Quarks
2) The Day After Tomorrow Is The Third Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
3) Zeta Reticuli Part One
4) Zeta Reticuli Part Two
5) Inwood Hill
6) Demarketively Unibevelant

CDr w/ Homemade Cover - £5 (incl P&P)

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